Custom Area Rugs - The Smart Choice!

When working with a new client in search of an area rug, I often find that they are struggling to find “perfect”. Typically I associate this with a lack of knowledge. Not only about what is available in the cataloged or pre-made rug selection, but especially in the customized options. I can honestly say that 9/10 times, as soon as I mention the word custom, my client cringes. “Custom Sounds Expensive” – this is usually their response, and if I don’t hear it, I see the concerned look on their faces. The reality is, this is just not true! In fact, one of my favorite products to sell are custom made area carpets and here’s why.

Loreto Carpet from Stanton, Finished with Quarry Cotton Binding

Loreto Carpet from Stanton, Finished with Quarry Cotton Binding

Cost - Typically choosing a broadloom carpet that suits the “look” a client is searching for is a whole lot less than buying something pre-made. We bring the finishing work to a local supplier and they charge a lot less than most manufacturers do. They have the ability to add stylish borders or rug finishes. Consider this option a DIY, cut the costs of someone else creating the rug and become the designer yourself. And don't worry, if you're not creative, that's what we're here for! 

Access - It is a lot easier to find the color and style that works best in your home. We have hundreds of broadloom samples available in store to choose from. As opposed to ordering in samples of available manufactured area rugs which can be expensive and time consuming, you are able to borrow our in store samples and try them out in your home. If you do find you are wanting to view a broadloom sample in a larger piece, we can order these in for you, it typically only takes a couple days and is free of charge. 

Perfect Fit - When you’re customizing you can choose the exact size you need. Have an odd shaped room? A floor vent in the way? We can accommodate most size issues which is definitely an advantage. Pre-made carpets come in set sizes, if they do have a custom size option available for ordering, it can take months and the costs can get fairly high. 

Made To Last - Most broadloom carpet that we use for area rugs is usually meant to be installed throughout a home as well. That means that these carpets are designed to be durable and long lasting. Sometimes when you order a pre-made rug, you can find yourself with a carpet that isn’t meant for heavy traffic or hard wear. In places like a family room or bedroom, this can be detrimental. Durability is important and it can be easy to find fashionable and durable broadloom when customizing a rug.

To sum it up - don't be afraid of the word custom, it only sounds expensive. Your options are endless and the cost and timeline are easy to manage. Just ask us next time you're in need and be in the know!

Happy Rug Shopping!